has been around for many years. The site is a compilation of more than 60 years worth of Apostolic preaching. Many of the Biblical sermons listed here were recorded with a hand held cassette recorder. Because there were no other recordings being done at the time makes these messages priceless! And, we are blessed to preserve them in digital form.

At, you’ll be able to presently listen to more than 1800 messages with more coming. Christian preaching from ministers like: Robert Bayer, Bill Berryhill, Marvin Rutledge, Rendal Rutledge, Robert Gilstrap, CL Dees, David Bernard, Jack Cunningham and many more we all have come to love over the years. A large quantity of Christian preaching presented on this site comes from the personal archives of the late Marvin Rutledge of Pine Bluff, AR. Several Pentecostal preachers such as Robert Bayer and James Lumpkin graced the pulpit many times at 601 Dakota street in Pine Bluff.

Those moments were recorded and passed down to his son Rendal and now to you. Other resources listed here come from our own 30 year archive at Norwich Tabernacle and those sent to us by the saints from around the country with full rights to do what we will with them. has a new look. This comes as a result of wanting to create a more user friendly website experience built on a more secure content management platform. The previous platform had left the site prone to multiple attacks from hackers.

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